Peer Review Policy


Child Education Journal (CEJ) is Publisher by the Faculty of Education and Teacher Training, Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama, Surabaya. All research articles published on CEJ will undergo a full peer review with the essential characteristics listed below:

All research articles are reviewed by at least two experts whose qualifications are in accordance with the Double Blind Peer Review method. The Editor-in-chief makes all publication decisions based on the reviews received.

Editorial Board members provide insight, advice, and guidance to the Editor-in-chief and assist in decisions about accepting manuscripts.
The Managing Editor and Editorial Assistant provide administrative support that enables the Child Education Journal to maintain the integrity of peer reviews while ensuring fast turnaround and maximum efficiency for writers, reviewers and editors.

Peer reviews of referenced papers

The Child Education Journal editorial board will immediately decide whether to accept, reject or request revisions of referenced papers based on editorial reviews and insights. Additionally, Editors will have the option to search for additional reviews when needed. Authors will be provided with suggestions by the editor when further review and improvement are needed.

We endeavor to preserve a sensible time period for the audit prepare. Commentators are asked to total their assessments inside the given due date to guarantee opportune input for creators. Provoke surveys offer assistance encourage the distribution prepare and keep up the in general proficiency