Focus And Scope

The focus and scope of the Child Education Journal are the results of research on children's education both at the early childhood education level and elementary school. This journal also accommodates all kinds of innovations that support children's education, such as the development of learning media and innovations that aim to develop the capacity of teachers to support children's education. In addition, this journal also connects the perspective of children's education with theories of child development and all kinds of related factors that influence it, such as nutritional status, child care patterns, and so on.

The Child Education Journal was established in 2019, and the submitted manuscripts go through a review process from experts who have an excellent international reputation in children's education. Although many journals have a scope about children's education, this journal has a unique scope, namely it also accommodates all factors related to children's education so that it is not only limited to the scope of teaching children like journals in general. So the contribution of this journal is evident in supporting publications related to children's education.