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Examining the History of Divine Religion: Theological Relations of Judaism, Christianity and Islam according to William Montgomery Watt
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This paper discusses the thoughts of Montgomery Watt about Islamic studies, especially Watt's opinion regarding the relationship between the three divine religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). This study aims to show that not all orientalists are subjective in studying Islam. Watt, for example, in his research tries to be objective by taking sources from Islam itself. The research method

Contribution of the Ansor Youth Movement in the Indonesian National Movement in 1934-1950
Hartono, Arif Subekti
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As an NU wing organisation, GP Ansor was born with various dynamics of its long journey. The birth of GP Ansor was inspired by the spirit of nationalism to achieve Indonesian independence. GP Ansor was born with two main missions, namely religious and national missions. This article aims to examine the history of the birth of GP Ansor and his various contributions in the journey of the Indonesi

The Islam Wasathiyah of KH. Abdurrahman Wahid in the Islamic Political Arena
Raha Bistara, Farkhan Fuady
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Indonesia as a pluralistic country and has a variety of cultures, ethnicities, races, religions and so on. Making it a pluralistic country and it is important to maintain the unity and integrity of the nation. In dealing with the plurality of the Islamic concept of wasathiyah, it is important to implement it today. Moreover, political issues, especially Islam, will be more complex. Seeing this,

Implementation of Mujahadah and Syaja'ah Personal Morals in the Perspective of Islamic Education
Reni Sasmita, Waharjani
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This research aims to examine and describe how students practice mujahadah and syaja'ah morals. The method used in this study is a qualitative method with a library approach. The morals of mujahadah and syaja'ah need to be instilled in a Muslim. By having the behavior of mujahadah and syaja'ah, Muslims will have the fighting spirit (to be serious) and the courage to carry out all good deeds, bo

A Systematic Review Trend of Learning Methods for Reading the Kitab Kuning at Pesantren (2000-2022)
Muhamad Arif, Makmur Harun, Mohd Kasturi Nor bin Abd Aziz
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This research provides a critical analysis of several methods for learning to read the yellow book (Kitab Kuning), as well as research results published in national and international databases of journals and proceedings. Regarding the study results that generate discussions on one or two methods for reading the yellow book. Starting with this, researchers are interested in conducting criti

Declining Muslim Religious Levels in the Middle East and North Africa Region
Tasya Rachmadila Ramadhani, Isa Anshori
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At present it seems that the religiousness of Muslims is decreasing more and more. This can be seen from the increasing number of Muslims with liberal views and also by the increasing number of atheism, especially in the Middle East and North Africa. The causes and how the decline in the quality of reverberation, especially in areas where the majority are Muslim, will be discussed in this artic

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