Kaisar Lahiya Sikki


This study aims to analyze Saudi Arabia’s economic policies in anticipation of the Covid-19 effect’s on its national economy. These policies cover international economic, fiscal, and monetary policy. This study used the qualitative method through scientific observation by collecting non-numerical data, white focusing on making meaning. The results of this research show that there is an attempt by the Saudi Arabian Kingdom in its international economic policy to channel donations to WHO. On the other hand, monetary policy is needed to stabilize the economy by supporting solid fiscal policy when the global word is flooded with liquidity such as nominal interest rates which is closed to or below zero. So, the impact on lower interest rates can trier cash outflows from the stock market. In this case, the Kindom of Saudi Arabia is very fast and responsive in carrying out a combination of these policies.  


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Sikki, K. L. (2020). Kebijakan Ekonomi Arab Saudi Dalam Mengantisipasi Pandemi Covid-19. Journal of Islamic Civilization, 2(1), 8–16. https://doi.org/10.33086/jic.v2i1.1517