Author Guidelines

Authors who wish to enter a script must pay attention to the points below. If the manuscript does not match thus guidelines, the manuscript will be returned/decline
Consists of 2000 to 4000 words excluding references
The article has not been previously published or is under consideration in another journal (or an explanation has not been provided in the comments to the editor).
Using true spelling according to Indonesian spelling or English and American spelling and having correct sentence structure ( Subject, Predicate, Object and other information)
Having novelty
Foreign words use italics maximal 15 just for Indonesian text
Manuscript file in 1 column Microsoft Word document file format
Using true spelling according to Indonesian spelling or English and American spelling and having correct sentence structure ( Subject, Predicate, Object and other information)
The script is the result of community service which is the implementation of the author's research
Manuscripts are an exploration of community problems and their solutions in the fields of health, economy, education
The article is written in Indonesian as much as 5-15 pages on A4 paper, space 1, 5, time new roman 11, complete with a brief abstract in Indonesian and English consisting of the background of the problem, the purpose of the activity, the target and the number, the place and implementation time, instruments, methods of approach/problem solving, test analysis, results in the form of Arabic numerals using punctuation points, for example, 0.01, consisting of 250 - 300 words and 3-5 keywords included
A4 paper settings: 2 cm for the left and top and 2 cm for the right and bottom, without header and footer
A brief bio and researcher identity are listed on the first page of the manuscript, provided that the author's name.
Articles are sent in soft copy
Bold, lowercase Time new roman font 12, space 1, before 0, after 6, a maximum of 15 words
The full name of the main author and members of time new roman 10, space 1, before 6, after 0, bold.
Name of institution/institution where you work
Abstract in Indonesian and English, abstract writing using Times New Roman 11, Bold, space 1, spacing before 12 pt, after 2 pt, abstract content in Indonesian or English time new roman 11, space 1, and in English abstract using italics, containing the background of the problem, the purpose of the activity, the place and time of implementation, the characteristics of the target, the number of targets, the method of approach and problem solving, statistical analysis/testing (differences), the results in the form of Arabic numerals using punctuation points (for example: after carrying out community service activities, the t-test results were obtained with a mean of 0.026, which means that there is a difference in knowledge empowerment of 56% with a mean of 0.036, Keywords 3-5 words, semicolon separator,
The table is an open table with a maximum of 5 tables. Fill in the table using time new roman 10, space 1. The table title is written on the upper left side of the time new roman 10 table, space 1
Image is 5 pictures, the size is appropriate, with the description at the bottom of the image, central, time new roman 10, space
Background (Contains 10% of the text, the introduction mainly contains)
Community service problems, devotion objectives, state of the art, a summary of theoretical studies related to community service issues. This section sometimes contains expectations for the results and benefits of community service. typed with 1.5 spaces, no subtitles, the first paragraph is indented 5 beats., a maximum of 1- 2 pages,, foreign words italicized ( Indonesian text), a maximum of 2 page
Situation Analysis
General target information (Contains 20% of the script)
The general description is a description of the characteristics of the target community in general, demographics, geography and a description of the characteristics of the activity target and accompanied by a photo of the target.                                                                                                                                                   
Describe community problems on general information which appropriate with the scope and focus in the field like education field, health field and economic field
Breakdown general field to be focus problem as knowledge, skill, perception, behaviour, many inabilities fill the picture before had been community activation
Problems must have achievements indicators and so instrument measurement
Describe the plan of solution which appropriate with human and asset resource from the targets (Priority problem)
Fill many pictures when a team and community targets having a focus group discussion
Method (Consist of 10% of the text)
Explain approach will use in community activation as a persuasive approach, participation approach, rural development, urban development or sustainable development
Breakdown approach method to many kind activations as discus, workshop, mentoring or build technology
The technology must be to have many differences from the others and unique instrument so easy to use for participant
Write date, place and how far the target area with the team area to complete community services
Describe instrument measurement had used to indicate achievement like a checklist, Standart Operational Procedure, questionnaire etc.
Achievement must be to have clearly indicators and can be to measure
Use analysis statistic which appropriates with article purpose
Use mean deferences analytic as pair T-test, ANOVA etc to explain pre and post community services
Result and Discuss ( 60% consist of the script)
Write the tittle author research like “ This activity is implementation from research result with the tittle……”
Describe achievement problem solving and to compare with similarity topic which had written by others author.
Conclusion and suggestion
Write with narration explanation
Not recommended with subtitle
Acknowledgement ( if needed)
Use reference manager as Mendeley, Zotero, e note
80% from journal citation, journal community services is priority
Minimal 10 references
Bibliography With APA 7 
References update 5-10 years