Information For Authors

  1. Posts to be loaded is the original essay.
  2. The writing has not been published before and is only addressed to the editor of the Journal of Scientific Health STIKES Yarsis.
  3. Entire contents copyright articles that have made the switch to the publisher, and all its contents may not be reproduced in any form without permission of the publisher.
  4. All statements in the article are the responsibility of the author.
  5. The editorial board reserves the right to edit articles in appearance, style, shape and clarity without changing its contents.
  6. All articles devoted to this magazine going through the process of scientific feedback from the expert editors or editorial response.
  7. Authors may be asked to fix / revise the article in terms of style and content.
  8. Articles with meaningful error will be returned to the authors upon request in advance.
  9. Articles written in Indonesian or English.



  1. Articles systematize the research is the title, author's name, accompanied by the keyword abstract, introduction, methods, results and discussion, conclusions, and a list of references. The article is a conceptual form of the title, author name, abstract with keywords, referral theory, introduction, and discussion, cover, and a list of references.
  2. 2. The      article is the result of research, not more than 12 pages, single spaced, within the edges of paper with 2.5 cm, and with Times New Roman font size 12 on A4 paper (21 x 30 cm). Delivered in the form of print-outs as much as 2 copies along with soft-copy her.
  3. Conceptual articles (free articles, literature reviews, community service articles and case reports) not more than 10 pages.
  4. Bylines are listed without academic degrees, accompanied by their home institution, and placed under the heading of the article. The lead author must include the correspondence address or e-mail .



  1. The article is addressed to the editor of the Journal of Health Sciences College of Health Sciences Yarsis, Jl. SMEA 57 Surabaya, Tel. 8284508 and 8291920, Fax. 8298582, 1 (one) month prior to publication
  2. As far as possible the article is delivered in the form of soft copy program Microsoft Word and 2 file copy (print out) are arranged in the order:
  3. Title

Title contains:

The title of the article written concise and do not use abbreviations, should not be more than 14 words. The title is printed in capital letters in the middle, with a font size of 14 points.


  1. Abstract

Abstract and key words written in two languages (English and Indonesian). The length of each abstract of 100-150 words, while the number of 3-5 word keyword, made in Indonesian, abstract shaped and structured. Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusions.


  1. references
    1. References are arranged with the provisions of Harvard, preferably not more than 15 pieces and form of the latest referral in the last decade.
    2. References are numbered in order of appearance in the narrative.


  1. Tables and figures
    1. The title put on the table and each table is identified with a number written with numbers.
    2. Each abbreviation in the table given the appropriate information in alphabetical order in the form of footnotes below the table.
    3. Pictures are numbered with numbers and the name or description written below.
    4. Captions on pictures and tables must be sufficiently informatife, so it is easy to understand.
    5. Request for color images will be charged the cost of production.
    6. Photos submitted in good packaging, the damage is not the responsibility of the editor.



Acknowledgements limited to technical aid and funds as well as the support of the leader of the institution.