Author Guideline

A. General Provisions

  1. Accepted articles are articles that have not been published or are in the process of being published in other journals.
  2. Articles are the result of Community Service which is relevant to the field of community development that focuses on social, economic, education, science and health.
  3. Articles do not contain plagiarism (Turnitin).

B. Writing Systematics

  1. Article consists of 5 to 15 pages, typed in 1.5 spaces on A4 paper in Time New Roman font size 12 and written in Indonesian, except Abstract.
  2. The composition of the articles consists of: Title, Author Name, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Overview of the Target Community, Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions and References.
    • Title: 10 to 25 words.
    • Author Name: Full name without title, name of institution (Study Program, Faculty and University) and email address.
    • Abstracts are written in English and Indonesian, consisting of 150 to 250 words with 1 space and letter size 11. Abstract contains the objectives of the activity, an overview of society, methods and concise results.
    • Keywords are written in English and Indonesian, consisting of 3 to 5 words.
    • Introduction: Describes conditions or problems that background or inspire the implementation of activities and explain the objectives of Community Service.
    • Target Community Overview: Describes the characteristics of the target group.
    • Method: Describe the method used to solve the problem.
    • Results and Discussion: Explains the results or outputs produced after the implementation of Community Service activities.
    • Conclusion: It is written briefly but describes the substance of the community service results and recommendations for further Community Service activities.
    • The reference is written based on the Harvard model, it is highly recommended to use the Reference manager with Mendeley for easy editing.