The In Vitro Anti-Diabetic Activity of Lime Peels (Citrus amblycarpa (Hassk.) Ochse)


  • Gempita cahya aulia tambunan universitas prima indonesia
  • Aparna dutt universitas prima indonesia
  • sayra nadhifa universitas prima indonesia
  • firdha amelia universitas prima indonesia
  • ermi girsang universitas prima indonesia



Lime peel, α-glucosidase enzyme, anti-diabetic, Citrus amblycarpa


There are various potential natural anti-diabetic drugs; one of them is lime peel or Citrus amblycarpa. This study was aimed to explore the anti-diabetic activity and phytochemical content of lime peels. This study was an experimental study that used the post-test only control group design. The lime peels that were collected from the Berastagi fruit market in Medan, North Sumatera were extracted using 70% ethanol by maceration methods. The phytochemical screening identified the presence of phenolic, steroid/triterpenoid, terpenoid, saponin, flavonoid, tannin, and alkaloid. Meanwhile, the anti-diabetic activity of lime peels was evaluate using the α-glucosidase enzyme that was gotten from Saccharomyces cerevisiae by α-glucosidase enzyme inhibition methods. Percent of inhibition was express as Mean ± SD and analyzed by One Way ANOVA, Tukey HSD Post Hoc Test, and followed by linear regression. The result of this study showed that there is a significant difference in percentage inhibition α-glucosidase enzyme in each concentration, and it had an IC50 Value amount of 125.93 ± 9.14 µg/mL. The phytochemical content of the lime peels was flavonoid, phenol, steroid/triterpenoid, and alkaloid. Hence, the lime peel has anti-diabetic activity by inhibition of the α-glucosidase enzyme.


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cahya aulia tambunan, G., dutt, A., nadhifa, sayra, amelia, firdha, & girsang, ermi. (2020). The In Vitro Anti-Diabetic Activity of Lime Peels (Citrus amblycarpa (Hassk.) Ochse). Journal of Health Sciences, 13(01), 26–33.